Medina County Cab Service greatly improved in 2004. Since then, if you wanted a Medina Cab, you have called us for all Taxicab Services for Medina County, Airport Transport Services, Hourly Cab Rentals, Corporate Accounts, Time Sensitive Courier Services.  Aadvantage Cab & Courier has been there for you and Medina has been there for us! We are thankful.

It's true, we're not some huge cab company with hundreds of cars spread out over three counties, a centralized dispatch office in another town, and drivers who have rarely set foot in Medina County. Nope, that's just not us.  

Instead, we are a small, family owned business with a few vans, hometown drivers with a commitment to personalized service, and a desire to do just one thing: get you to where you want to be.

When you call 330-410-1111, you're not talking to an impersonal dispatcher sitting in an office located in another county, you're calling straight to the driver on duty. He or she knows how long they'll take to get to you, knows where you want to go and cares how you get there. We live here, with you, and we're here to serve you, with clean, fast, safe and courteous service.

We're a young company that wants to do one thing well, serve YOU. Come back and visit our site in the coming weeks, we'll be adding features to help you get the most from our services. Until then, be safe, expect the best.

Aadvantage Cab and Courier has the lowest rates around for dependable on-time service to Cleveland Hopkins or Akron Canton Airports.

We ARE NOT always the cheapest.

We ARE always the best.

ad*van'tage (ad-van'tij)n. 1. any favorable circumstance. 2, benefit; gain; profit. 3, superiority.
-Webster College Dictionary

Our "competitors" may charge less IF they show up. However, if your trip is important and you'd like your cab to be there when you expect it to, then just give us a call and avoid all the hassle of trying to save a couple of bucks(and it REALLY is JUST a couple of bucks).

Always remember, the "other guys" are only a bargain if they actually show up.

There, I feel better. We can begin now.

About half of all calls received are folks wanting to know how much their cab fare will be. On average, it's about $10 from one side of town to the other and $15-$20 between Medina and Brunswick.