Established in 2005 by Dr. N. Karl Haden, AAL provides customized professional development and consulting services for academic healthcare executives, educators, practitioners, institutions, and associations. AAL activities include leadership development, strategic planning, change management, team building, and curriculum development. In addition to the ITL national program, the AAL conducts the ADEA/AAL Institute for Allied Health Educators (IAHE) and the Chairs and Academic Administrators Management Program (CAAMP). For more information about AAL, the ITL, the IAHE, the CAAMP or other professional development programs for dental educators and administrators, please visit www.aalgroup.org.

An affiliate of AAL, AAL Informatics works directly with individual schools, universities, and strategic partners to implement evidence-based, data-driven solutions that improve student learning and institutional effectiveness.  AAL Informatics provides a variety of consulting and faculty development services to assist in the adoption and use of XComP. As the exclusive licensee of XComP, AAL Informatics will utilize its global network to change learning through XComP’s groundbreaking method for competency-based education and outcomes assessment.