We have been a Specialty Contractor Since 1998
A & G Industrial Services, Inc has served a broad spectrum of utility and industrial clientele on a national basis, such as the nuclear, oil & gas, water & waste water, power, chemical industries.  
As a top ranked service provider for specialty coatings, our services include:

       Industrial Coatings and Linings
       Buried Tank Liners, Buried Pipe Liners
       Above Ground Tank Interiors & Exteriors
       Condenser Tube Sheet Epoxy Claddings
       Fiber Reinforced Systems
       Surface Preparation
           Grit Blasting
           Dustless Grit Blasting
           Vacuum Blasting
           Bead Blasting
           Dry Ice Blasting
           High Pressure Water Blasting
       Professional Services
       Non-Destructive Examinations

A and G continues to offer the quality personnel and specialized services necessary to maintain our clients’ performance-related systems and equipment with the best maintenance-free life cycle value.
Our state of the art equipment, polymeric systems and application process designs offer the maximization for reliability, results and safety. From the largest turnkey project to the smallest job, you can be assured our equipment, polymeric systems and process development will provide the results you demand.
Teamwork remains a key factor in our success; not merely teamwork within our operation, but teamwork with our clients. We work hard to familiarize ourselves with our clients’ individual needs. Whether addressing planned outages or responding to emergency requests, our strategy includes thorough preparation, focusing on pre-planning and detail in an effort to complete every project safely, on-time and within budget.

A & G employs several NACE Certified coating inspectors and certified non-destructive examination inspectors as members of our team to enable us to provide our customers with an enhanced quality management process to ensure the long term maintenance free solutions for the best life cycle values for our customers investments into corrosion control & correction. A & G also employs a polymer chemist for the assistance in product selections and application strategies for our customers demanding corrosion prevention needs.