Welcome to Aary Films new era... new cinema...

Aary Films is the brainchild of a passionate filmmaker, Ritesh Parikh who has always dreamed of making films!!!  Having worked on different channels of the entertainment world from party, cultural, fashion events to television marketer to achieving the ultimate dream of becoming a film/cinema producer under Aary Films.

Aary Films wants to create independent cinema with new era. Aary Films endeavor is to produce high quality cinema that is accepted and appreciated by audiences across the world.    

Aary Films is currently producing (working on) several different cinema projects with all new talents across different segments.
Aary Films will continue its journey of bringing independent, talented, respected and enjoyable cinema which will be appreciated by all audiences across the globe. Under the leadership of Ritesh Parikh, Aary Films is committed to nurturing and giving a voice to new talent across all spectrums of film making.

See ya at one of the Aary Films!!!