Abbe Buck PR is your brand name in public relations. Abbe Buck PR introduces you to a special kind of branding. The story is about YOU. Your MISSION. Your FOCUS. Your PURPOSE. Your GOAL. The kind of personal branding where the stamp of your personality is Number One. And Abbe Buck knows this world well. She has, through HighViz Consulting Group (www.highviz.net) and other entities, been promoting the most important causes that you may have had for the past 25 years!

Abbe Buck (Abbe Buck PR) garnered valuable experience with a wide range of government contractors, service providers and top lobbing/law firms. She developed key relationships and teaming agreements for HighViz clients in order to work with major corporations, lobbying firms, federal customers and prime government contractors, streamlining their processes to go after large federal business. This resulted in securing several wins for clients, from influencing a 50 Billion Dollar GWAC (ALLIANT for BearingPoint) to a 6 Million 3 year contract (EPA for Information Experts, and several others). Abbe has been intimately involved in the execution of sales business models, designing business and marketing plans.

Abbe’s “promo” experience started in the entertainment field (she is a vocalist in her own right) who worked in radio syndication for Frank Sinatra’s, Orange Productions.

She quickly realized that working in the field of marketing was her natural choice.

Her decision to start Abbe Buck PR comes from a desire to return to her roots, to work one-on-one with each client on a personal level, and promote one and all as their own “brand”.

She feels that this will give the customer an ability to reach and grow their audiences in their own niche market(s).

”I am an amazing communicator and top facilitator”

Abbe says, “I can assist you in shaping and positioning [your] personal brand and be the person to bring it to the public with the team that I assemble to local and national media.”

Contact Abbe Buck PR at abbe@abbebuckpr.com