InGen has embarked on an exciting journey to provide eco-friendly power alternative and aims to be a leading sustainable energy producer in the country. InGen aims at providing energy solutions which are not only viable in the current scenario but also in the long term also. InGen introduces solar energy as a most feasible alternative. We aim to endow it more proficiently & in an organized way. InGen provides Solar System Integration Support with professional project management, from proposal to “turnkey” project in Bangladesh. This means: the customer shall receive all-round support from us for Solar Power generation. Experienced technicians plan the Solar Power system together with the Customer and create clear plans for module relays. Moreover, the customers receive extensive advice on the different components such as mounting systems, inverters and cabling up to the completion certificate for electricity providers. By combining innovative ideas with the most advanced technologies we at InGen aim to provide with turnkey solutions for a much brighter future as Solar power. All this and more, backed by our highly experienced staff, superior technologies and deep insight of the Bangladesh energy scenario enables us to bring you international expertise presented in a package suited to our conditions.

InGen efficiently brings light into people’s life by harnessing solar energy to provide electricity. InGen offers cost-effective solar power solution to make it affordable and available to every household. We have a highly energized and empowered team of professionals. The team of experienced & well trained professionals facilitates the processes at InGen. Due to team’s technical expertise, managerial capabilities & administrative abilities, InGen ensures quality of services & varied range of satisfactory solutions.

InGen- A reliable resource for Customer, as

* InGen provides Cost effective quality systems, which maximize returns

* InGen has global technology with Bangladesh touch.

* InGen Offers a vast pool of products to choose from, a product for you

* InGen vast and diversified network of engineers and maintenance teams. You will find us wherever you need us.

InGen guarantees an ideal system design and with it a maximum on performance.

InGen assures that the cream of the solar integration will provide the prime solution for countries requirements. InGen focuses on an objective to provide Electricity to Everyone. Our dedication to address this electricity problem directed us to both MW scale grid connected and standalone KW solar projects. We have different scales of Solar panels depending on the choice of use (like for home use and for office use).