We constantly seek to engineer our performance through a culture built on meticulous excellence, precision efficiency and inspired integration, where time-served expertise is honoured and a passion for people nurtured. To ensure that we continue to be the most regarded, sought after and respected provider of dynamic integrated Rig Inspection anywhere in the world. - 2016 Mission Statement

Our mission statement perfectly conveys the core values of the company, namely to deliver an integrated service, flexible in approach and collaborative in application, engineered to the most exacting standards, providing all major Oil and Gas operators and contractors, both onshore and offshore, with the highest standard of cost effective solutions available
anywhere in the world.

ADC is an independent family owned business, and as such you can rely on our integrity and objectivity. You can also take confidence in that we recognise that our greatest asset is our 60+ hand-picked team of specialist engineers. It is because of them that we constantly invest in the latest training to ensure our personnel are fully compliant and competent in all
rig-related technological and legislative advances.

Being so comprehensively equipped, our specialist divisional teams are able to identify the full range of problems, be they digital, mechanical, electrical or hydraulic which may occur onboard a drilling rig. However, unlike our competitors, we also seek to work in partnership with the drilling contractor to provide support in their identification of appropriate solutions, enabling us to be just as active with regard to the solution as we were with the problem.

Another unique aspect of ADC, which is central to our operations at home or in the field is integration and the benefits integrated thinking can produce. Unlike other inspection providers where specialist departments work autonomously, we have invested extensively to create not only a physical working environment, but a company wide culture where all our professionals and specialist divisions integrate and interact on a daily basis.

To further support that integration, we have recently made a substantial investment in
state-of-the-art video-conferencing facilities. This makes it much simpler to assemble the entire project team - regardless of their current location - to focus jointly on any project issues. Additionally it saves travel cost and time, with the attendant environmental benefits.

Lastly, after over 30 years of trading experience, we are as determined as ever to be the most innovative and forward thinking rig inspection consultancy anywhere in the world, developing new operational solutions such as our ALL4ONE divisional initiative as well as spearheading unique technological advances for rapid reporting with our TRAMSWEB service. All of which enables us to stay ahead of the ever changing needs of the Oil and Gas industry and the ever evolving drilling rig environment.