A Better Choice Foundation was founded to support the search for alternative cures for cancer, emphasizing a non-traditional, holistic approach to a cancer patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

Cancer is not a single disease but a large and complex family of malignancies, which can affect every organ in the body. Cancer spans all ages and races killing one in every four Americans, which is surpassed only by heart disease. Frighteningly more than 1.2 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed ever year. A Better Choice Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure and easing the journey through cancer.

Traditional treatments for cancer simply treat the symptoms and cannot be considered as the only cure for cancer. This type of holistic care treats the whole person, which is the opposite of symptom-care, which focuses only on treating the symptoms. Alternative medicine is a term used to represent approaches to health and healing that does not rely on drugs, surgery, and / or other conventional medical procedures for treating illness.

A Better Choice Foundation is in the process of assembling as many methodologies and practitioners as possible to form a collective voice, which will be presented to the public thus creating a massive impact.

A Better Choice Foundation encourages everyone to become pro-active when it comes to generating, protecting, and reinstating his or her health and well-being. And is also teaching people that the power to control their health is in their hands.

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