The Mission of A Better Day Learning Center is to provide evidence-based, early learning educational services to infants and young children, with a special emphasis in serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning and Speech/Language Delays, and other varying exceptionalities and developmental disabilities. An integral component of this service emphasizes working together with the parents, siblings, staff, and other caregivers to assure success for each child in attaining their highest level of independence.

The primary goal of A Better Day Learning Center is to address the ever-growing unmet early educational needs of the 1 in 150 individuals (1 in 94 for boys) diagnosed every year with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, as  well as those diagnosed with other developmental disabilities and speech delays during the most critical and formative developmental years. The resources to provide the intensive, extensive, and effective educational opportunities for these individuals have been drastically reduced and/or have remained or become increasingly inaccessible. Without expansion by the private non-profit sectors of the community to address these needs, the inaccessibility of the formative educational needs of these children will continue to increase as a result both the dramatic rise in the number of affected children and the financial challenges in providing for these children due to a declining economy wherein state and federal entities continue to limit or eliminate assistance to struggling families trying to access critical services for their children.