In 100 Life Management Tools for a Happy Life, author Ajay Jain Bhutoria details how readers can tap into their own emotional intelligence to create happiness for themselves. Everyone wants to achieve success—whether monetary, familial, career, or social. Therefore, it is critical to understand that happiness is connected to success. But happiness is elusive for some. Bhutoria understands this, and since the skills for finding joy can be learned, he has spent his life honing and refining his tools and studying how other people’s happiness is generated. Since readers cannot just get happy, there is a dire need for the development of life skills and strategies that anyone can employ to create happiness. Learning and practice can get you to a happy life, but just what are the steps? Bhutoria outlines one hundred sensible and surprising tools that anyone can use to grasp hold of his or her emotional intelligence and use that self-knowledge to cause positive change. Leveraging your understanding of what makes you happy is the answer to repeating that success. The beauty of Bhutoria's book is its organization: when feeling blue or negative, readers can simply flip to the relevant chapters to quickly glean what to do, what makes them tick, and what can help them to be happy in any situation. Discover what you may be overlooking in your life that could make you happy. Learn how to look at the hurdles in life as a challenge, rather than a struggle. Uncover the mechanism you need to get happy, right now. Happiness awaits you—are you ready to find it? This is a valuable resource in these stressful times. Modern life is full of distractions from our true path to joy. Author Ajay Jain Bhutoria has experienced his own struggles and bumpy rides on the way to discovering happiness. But what is happiness? According to Bhutoria, summarizes Happiness as " Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy." No one can deny this goal to be a desirable one, but it is elusive. Bhutoria believe the very purpose of our Life in this universe is to be Happy . We are spiritual beings wearing human bodies and constantly seeking Happiness in the motion of life’s journey towards Nirvana . In this Journey of Life we encounter defeats , Stress, anger ,hate ,discouragement, ups and downs , broken relationships , arguments, Losses, obstacles and many other down emotions as grief, revenge , apathy. Our Journey of Life towards Happiness is obstructed . This books helps you to navigate through Life Obstacles and handle Life’s ups and downs and achieve long Lasting mental state of Happiness . Bhutoria further mentions when one develops an understanding of Happy Emotions and is able to differentiate between factors which leads to Enthusiasm, Cheerfulness, Joy ,Happiness and those factors which creates Suffering and emotions such as Anger, Hate, revenge, Jealousy, Grief,Apathy; than one can train their mind to eliminate those factors which leads to sufferings and cultivate only positive factors which leads to constant Happiness. And this simple exercise is the secret to connecting to Infinite and Abundance Source of Happiness and Inner Peace . To achieve a Happy mental state is easy and simple . You can do so by bringing a transformation in your outlook , your way of thinking , unleashing the power of your emotional intelligence by applying various tools and techniques in the 25 chapters in this book . It is a process of continuous Learning . So what's the secret? There is no magic trick, but reflection, effort, and practice—along with a great book full of life management tools—are a great beginning. Define your personal mechanism for success. Learn your blocks to happiness. Gain perspective, and read 100 Life Management Tools for a Happy Life.