Abiding Concepts LLC creates and sells;

Original Copyrighted Literary Works - Fictional Novels

Original Copyrighted photographs taken by the artist that have been transformed into;

Inspirational pictures with a message
All inspirational pictures are original photos taken by the artist.
The pictures are intended to inspire and motivate people through images and words, reaching as many people             as possible, sharing the beauty of creation, inspiring them to become better at who they are.

Digital Artwork
All digital artwork is original and created from the artist’s photography.  Digital artwork has two categories;
   a) The Creation Collection, made up of artistically redesigned photographs of nature.
   b) The Man Made Collection, consisting of photographs of man made made objects artistically recreated.
Each item is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
The digital artwork provides a view of the original photograph through a different lens, the artist's mind, and is intended to excite and challenge your mind and thoughts so you may appreciate the expression  the image was intended to produce.  

Mixed Media
A combination of digital images and acrylics provide a multi-dimensional look to take you deeper into the abstraction