abiento® was formed in February 2012 to give women a better choice of stylish clothes and accessories rather than just fashionable ones. The remit was to provide a select number of not only well known retailers but also high quality, lesser known boutique retailers from around Great Britain. Placing all these retailers on an easy to navigate website allows the customer to easily see what is available from a variety of suppliers all on one site and then when they have chosen their product, they are then linked directly to the retailer to purchase.
abiento is targeted at the niche market of ladies who wish to determine their own style rather than following the fashion pack, after all, who has never seen someone wearing the latest fashion that is obviously not suitable for them? Because abiento aims to bring lesser known retailers to the customers attention, one of the goals is to have someone approach our customers and say " you look great, where did you get that.....? " rather than " you look good, I also tried that on in ........ or you look good, but isn`t` that the same as the dress the lady over there is wearing?"