Ability Clinical, LLC was originally founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1993 under the name ProData Computers. Future names included MedData and Ability Clinical Technologies.

Type of Business:  
Technology & Medical/Dental Practice Solutions Provider
Serving Clients throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam

Service Areas:
- Medical & Dental Practice Management and EMR/EHR Solutions
- Digital Dental Imaging Systems
- Computer & Network Support
- Professional Services
- Training
-  Medical & Dental Practices
- Legal & Financial Firms
- Private Businesses
- Teamsters
Why Our Customers Love Us:  We deliver timely support & cost-effective solutions
Tagline:  Solutions for a Healthier Bottom Line!
Ability Clinical, LLC
PO 4695
Alpharetta, GA  30023
Phone: 407-844-0859
Support Area:  USA, Canada, Puerto Rico & Guam
Professional Memberships  
Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce
Better Business Bureau
Toastmasters International  
Medical Secretary Advisory Committee - Winter Park Technical School
TotalMD EHR - Technical Advisory Board
Corporate History and Overview