A Bit Too Much! is a unique place to complain about local services, businesses and other things that get on your nerves. By combining your local experiences, our website turns these complaints into power so that change happens and the area you live in improves. Please watch a short video on how to submit your complaint.

On A Bit Too Much! you can add weight to other users’ complaints through voting or by writing your own comments about that business or service. More complaints and more votes mean more pressure, and pressure leads to change and improvement.

These are the main reasons we created A Bit Too Much!.

1. We think that local communities should be able to easily demand better services and better businesses. We don’t think people should have to look around for the best place to vent their anger and demand improvements in their local area.

2. We think there should be one locally-focused website for complaining, no matter where you live. So, we created a global website where you can complain about local issues and demand improvements. A Bit Too Much! offers a one-stop-shop for complaining. Currently A Bit Too Much! is only available in the UK. It will be going global soon.

3. We want people who want to complain, but don’t like to do it in person, or feel as though it is a waste of time to speak out. A Bit Too Much! brings together complaints and shares them with businesses, local governments and other service providers.

4. We want all complaints to be measurable so that the most complained about can be easily noticed. By complaining on A bit too much! you can express yourself clearly and other people can support you if they have had a similar experience. You can also let your friends and contacts know about your experience by sharing your complaint on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. Every vote counts.

As well as offering a home to complaints, A Bit Too Much! also gives businesses and governments a place to respond by letting them write formal response which will be displayed right under each related complaint. They can take steps to change and communicate these changes to website users. No business or service provider likes complaints and most would prefer to do something to improve rather than lose customers.

We know there are hundreds of sites out there where you can vent your anger and complain. But, there are no easy to use sites serving local communities around the world. Through using this website, you are helping to create a geographical picture of what issues there are around the world. In the future this may mean that governments, businesses and other organisations can truly understand what we want and tailor solutions accordingly.

"We believe every complaint matters. So let’s turn them into power."    ---- A Bit Too Much!