Our Services
Delivering a variety of services tailored to large corporations, public administrations, small business, and individuals, we offer a frictionless registration process – just sign in and start to get service in minutes. Our on-demand live interpreting service is billed on a per-minute basis; pay as you go, with no contracts, and no minimums.

Our Customers
We serve customers from all countries and industries, addressing their needs for reliable, accurate, and confidential interpreting services.

Our unique service platform and business model enable us to reduce all operational costs to a minimum, offering our customers a quality service at highly competitive rates.

Our Interpreters
Our services are supported by a global community of interpreters. Selected through a detailed hiring process, and assigned to customers matching their skills and expertise, our interpreters provide a personable and professional quality interpreting service with unparalleled flexibility.

Each interpreter is assigned to a coach and language specialist for assessment and review of their performance and is rated by the coach and our customers’ feedback.

We are able to engage and retain the best talent because we offer our interpreters higher-than-average fees, an enjoyable working environment within a community of peers supported by experts, and a wide range of tools and training for continuous learning and improvement.

Our Standards
Our Standards of Practice encompass the guidelines for the professional conduct of our interpreters and other team members, and the ethical principles by which they conduct themselves in engaging with customers, partners and vendors. These standards are compliant with ISO 13611 and the HIN, NCIHC, AIIC standards, considered the most authoritative of our industry, meeting and exceeding the requirements from the most demanding customers.

Our Technology
Our services are delivered via an automated cloud-based platform, connecting customers with interpreters in real-time and on-demand.

Communications rely upon a robust and redundant VoIP infrastructure, with vertical and horizontal scalability, providing crisp and clear communications in all countries.

Our Team
Ablio is established in Rome (Italy) and Los Angeles (United States), but operates in a virtual space; management, technical operations, and our community of interpreters are geographically dispersed but united in the pursuit of providing the best interpreting service for today’s global environment. Our management team members are experienced executives, entrepreneurs, and language specialists in translation and interpreting.

Our Mission
Ablio strives to providing the best possible remote interpreting service, available anytime, everywhere, in every language pair, and in any device. We deliver superior interpreting services that overcome the limitations of the industry, offering a better service for customers to address their interpreting needs, and a better place for interpreters to work

Our Manifesto
Remote interpreting is the best and most effective way for enabling customers to communicate with their counterparts in other languages through a remote professional interpreter connected via their computer, phone or mobile device.

A community of interpreters working as a team and aligned with this mission, interpreters work remotely, and on their own schedule.

Quality of service delivered and performed in accordance to our standards and Code of Ethics. Interpreters are accredited after the successful completion of a comprehensive tests and evaluation, and are engaged in a continuous learning process, assisted by their coaches and incorporating customers’ feedback.

An automated service platform using state of the art technology that connects customers with interpreters, and manages all service operations in an automated way. An efficiently run operation with reduced manual processes keeps the costs of operations low, compared to other traditional providers, enabling us to offer a service at competitive rates, pay higher than average fees to interpreters and still be profitable.

Availability and reliability of service, ensuring high availability through forecasting planning and proprietary scheduling processes.