Danielle Nicole King started her online jewelry store in October of 2011. Within a year, she has acquired customers from all over the world and her loyal fan base continues to grow. She has been contacted to sell her jewelry in boutiques in Georgia and California and was accepted into The Artisan Group, through which she sent her jewelry to the stylists of the hit Lifetime TV programs like The Voice and The Vampire Diaries.  Her jewelry has been worn on TVD as well as attaining celebrity clients, What makes Abrau Jewelry truly unique is Danielle's contemporary yet timeless designs. "I try to blend hard and soft elements to create truly unique pieces that will withstand the test of time and fashion trends. My jewelry is made to last. I have a commitment to quality and infuse all of my pieces with positive energy to pass onto my customer."

Danielle's jewelry can be purchased online:

Abrau Jewelry: https://www.abrau.org