The Abrave Search Engine is a brave new way of looking at internet searching. The Abrave search engine is powered by the abrave spider, a robot/search spider/web crawler program. All of the software requirements for the search engine and abrave spider were designed in-house by Gallent Limited.

The abrave spider makes strategic decisions when it crawls the web in a way unlike any other robot. Live decisions are made about what the content of the page is and whether it is suitable to save or to search other pages from that site. Real-Time Point Rank 101™ calculations (An in-house developed ranking system) are made during this process and the instant the web-page is saved that web-page will appear under relevant searches on the abrave search engine in Point Rank 101™ order making this a world first in this type of search development. In addition, if the web-page is considered to be highly relevant, by the abrave spider, then it will also instantly and automatically appear in the abrave directory accessible from the abrave home page. This has resulted in a search engine and website that is usually and certainly has the ability to be updated several times every second.

The current release was designed to index only UK domain names and this has enabled us to make minor tweaks to our robot and algorithm to improve the quality of the results.

All of this technology, unlike other search engines, is not spread over tens or hundreds of thousands of servers, it is currently housed on just one VPS server in the Netherlands making this a low overhead search engine solution. With this new search technology it makes it conceivable that every corporation in the world has the potential to operate their own customised search engine solution.

Abrave, in association with Gallent Limited and Gallant Limited, have eliminated the need for end of month indexing by instantly providing you with updated results in Real-Time as a web-page is crawled.