Absolute Transitions is here to provide you thoughts, suggestions, approaches and information on how you may want to approach those “midlife transition issues”, which appear to come along relatively frequently, particularly between the ages of 45 to 60 years old.  The intention is to keep the site ever evolving as new issues, approaches, thoughts or features emerge.  You will be introduced to the concepts of Energy Leadership principles, and how they may be able to help you in the day to day issues within your life.  Through our blog posts, we look for opportunities to share perspectives that we have faced, and look for your feedback on dealing with issues that are presented.  Helpful tips and suggestions on how to approach challenging situations will also be offered.

Above all, we are here to help and to listen.  Do we have all the answers?  No, because no one person has every answer.  But, as we open ourselves up to share our thoughts and experiences, we’ll all gain from having worked together to deal with the opportunities we are presented.