Academic Perspective is a news and editorial blog written by students. Not for students. Founded by Ben Drucker in October, 2009 along with fellow Columbia High School juniors Ben Donald and Seth Wolin, Academic Perspective examines modern issues from the viewpoint of high school students and is not the usual high school newspaper. Academic Perspective was founded by and is run completely by students, with no school or teacher management. Topics covered by the staff of over 10 regular contributors range from national politics and economics to social commentary to critical analysis of art and culture. Academic Perspective is a full-fledged online magazine with all content written and edited by high school students and is quickly becoming one of the foremost student-written publications on the internet.
The name Academic Perspective was conceived from the initials AP™, which is the Advanced Placement™ program in place  in many of America’s school. The AP™ classes offer top students an opportunity to engage in college level study of subjects such as U.S. and European History, Chemistry, Calculus, and other important topics. While it provides students with an excellent education in the chosen subjects, it leaves one gaping hole: modern issues. As many of the Academic Perspective writers can attest, not even the most comprehensive or difficult high school classes expose students to modern political, social, or economic issues. The writers of Academic Perspective are students who wish to do more with their educations, striving to better understand the world around them through their own initiative.