Northumbria University School of Design (UK), the globally recognised British university has selected AOD International Design Campus to offer its world renowned fashion and design degrees in Sri Lanka.

Northumbria is an established University with a proud history of over 160 years and has produced some of the biggest design names in the world. Northumbria University School of Design degrees are among the top rated in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and elsewhere in the world. This supremacy comes through Northumbria’s award-winning curriculum that meets the most cutting-edge design industry standards. At their Sri Lankan Campus set up with the AOD International Design Campus, Northumbria offers these same degrees from the UK and presents it in an identical form to Sri Lankan students.

The uniqueness of Northumbria’s presence in Sri Lanka is in its offering of a 100% internal, complete international degree that can be completed at home directly from Northumbria. This provides a unique opportunity for students to achieve beyond the standard diploma level in design and graduate as fully-fledged design professionals with a recognized license to work anywhere in the world.

In its 5th intake, the Northumbria University International Design Degree programs offered at the AOD International Design Campus are still the only British, 100% internal design degrees that can be fully completed in Sri Lanka.