About Acadsoc

Acadsoc (also known as Academic Society Online) is an international online one-stop shop for languages, academic subjects as well as services. It is a platform that enables tutors and learners to come together to learn and to teach. The Acadsoc community is made up of students of all ages (from primary school to adults) and tutors from a variety of backgrounds (such as professional teachers, graduate teachers and social teachers). Acadsoc aspires to become the world’s largest online academic society offering the most comprehensive range of courses.

Acadsoc is now offering Online Tutoring and Study Abroad Consultancy Services. We will be bringing in more exciting programmes onto the platform in the very near future.

Online Tutoring
Acadsoc provides a powerful interactive platform to teach and to learn with Acadsoc Turbo Meeting or Skype with Acadsoc. The platform has more than 500,000 tutors from all over the world helping students to create an effective learning style and matches the needs of individuals to  suitable teachers. The tutors can also offer their lessons at a time that is convenient for them. Whatever topic or course that interests you, Acadsoc is here to help.

Study Abroad (Consultancy Service)
Want to study in the UK? Acadsoc can help you to fulfill your dream to study abroad. With Acadsoc’s help, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality consulting service to help you learn all you need about studying in the UK. The best part of all is that our consulting service is free of charge!

Why Choose Acadsoc:
     Acadsoc has attracted a great number of tutors from top universities around the world. Such institutions include University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Harvard University, Stanford University.
     You can use Acadsoc Turbo Meeting tool to record your classes for future references.
     A wide range of language, academic subjects and service related courses are available. You can easily find something interesting to learn or to teach on Acadsoc.
     Acadsoc has a number of city ambassadors from famous universities. Want more information and help? Click here to find out more.
     Acadsoc provides the highest level of security, protecting your privacy and payment transactions.

How Does Acadsoc Online Tutoring Works?
     Tutors post their listings with information about their subjects, experiences, certificates, pricing, availability and the online conferencing tools they use.
     Learners search through listings to find a class most suitable for them.
     When learners find a suitable class, they choose the time slots in the calendar and purchase the class with Acadsoc Credits (ACs). The Acadsoc Credits are protected by Acadsoc until the class is completed.
     Tutors and learners conduct the class on time using Acadsoc Turbo Meeting or Skype with Acadsoc.
     Once tutors and learners confirm the class has been completed; the Acadsoc Credits are released to tutors after learners confirm the class completion.
     Tutors and learners leave feedbacks to rate the transaction.

Concept and Goal:
     Acadsoc aspires to become the world’s largest online academic society offering the most comprehensive range of courses.
     Acadsoc aims to bring your studies to life through our interactive teaching platform.
     Education without boundaries!