Abios Co. Ltd. is the leading importer, manufacturer, and supplier of acai fruit ingredients for the Japanese market.  Abios also manufactures and sells the branded products, Acai-100 (supplements) and Kosanka acai beverage.
Acai-100 is 100% pure, freeze-dried acai powder encapsulated in a sealed vegan hard capsule to prevent oxidation of the unstable, natural oils inherent in acai.  Acai-100 is the only acai supplement on the market to use this manufacturing method.  90 capsules per bottle.
Kosanka acai juice is highly concentrated acai extract, manufactured only in Japan by a leading pharmaceutical factory.  Acai extract is tastefully blended with healthy, low-sugar sour cherry concentrate and lemon juice.  No artificial ingredients including vitamin C or citric acid is used.  Just pure fruit.  Kosanka is tested after production for evidence of no pesticide or herbicide residue and for ORAC.  Measuring 98-100 ORAC per ml, Kosanka acai juice provides an amazing 2,940-3,000 ORAC per one, small 30ml serving.  Kosanka is regularly featured in the top beauty and fashion magazines in Japan.
Abios also manufactures and retails the highly successful dehydrated green food product, VegePowerPlus.