We engage and support activities in the areas of education, clinical care, research and policy that will help transform the patient-experience through strengthening understanding and cooperation among educators, researchers, and clinicians from distinct healthcare disciplines. We believe that quality patient care demands that we take action to get out of our separate silos.

Our core Organizational Membership consists of councils of colleges and schools, accrediting agencies, and certification and testing organizations associated with the five distinctly licensed integrative health and medicine professions that have a federally recognized accrediting agency. These are:
acupuncture and Oriental medicine
direct entry (home birth) midwifery
massage therapy, and
naturopathic medicine

Our membership also includes organizations representing Traditional World Medicines and Emerging Professions that are engaging the self-regulatory challenges that help protect the health of the public. Individual programs, schools and universities accredited by these special purpose accrediting agencies are also eligible for membership.

Philanthropic Partners
While ACCAHC's base is our membership, our business model is to develop investment via grants from philanthropic partners from whom we derive over two-thirds of our operating resources. Groups of Project Partners and Sustaining Investors allow us to engage the priorities we collaboratively establish. Contributions from Associate Members who support our mission are welcome.

Member Services
Our individual college and schools members and the programs associated with our colleges and schools members each offer educational programs and clinical services. Information is available through the Organizational Members, the council of colleges logos on the homepage as well as through the Individual Colleges member list.

While our base is in these five distinctly licensed professions, we are actively engaged in diverse projects with our colleagues in conventional (MD) medicine, nursing and other allied health disciplines. Our Council of Advisers reflects this reach. We welcome the participation of other individuals, institutions and businesses that support this work as Associate Members. Each will be honored on this site, will receive the electronic ACCAHC newsletter and have the opportunity to participate in various ACCAHC activities.