The BORDEAUX CLINICAL RESEARCH Economic Interest Grouping
becomes ACCELENCE and signs a « Prime Site » partnership
agreement with QUINTILES, number 1 CRO worldwide

It was on the occasion of its first Scientific and Industrial Committee (SIC), on September 9th 2011, that the Bordeaux Clinical Research Network (BCRN) unveiled its new trade name: ACCELENCE. Numerous public figures of national and international renown from scientific, industrial and political fields, participated in the official launch of this one-stop solution for industry-sponsored clinical trials in France.

Mr. Alain HÉRIAUD, Managing Director of the Bordeaux University Hospital and Chairman of the BCRN, gave a reminder of the promise conveyed by this trade name: access to patients thanks to a higher rate of recruitment, acceleration of trial implementation, excellence of medical and scientific expertise. In this context several players of the healthcare industry and CROs (Contract Research Organizations) now work with ACCELENCE for the performance of clinical trials, as do ASTRAZENECA, BMS, GSK, SANOFI or MSD, as well as others in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutrition.

CROs also widely contributed to the success of this 1st Scientific and Industrial Committee, thus manifesting their support to ACCELENCE. A symbol of the day, the historic signing of a « Prime Site » non-exclusive partnership agreement between ACCELENCE, its founding members -the Bordeaux University Hospital, the Bordeaux Segalen University, the Bergonié Institute and the Industrial Research Support Company (founded by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry and 12 SMEs of the healthcare sector)- and QUINTILES, world leader in its market. By signing the 1st partnership agreement of its kind in continental Europe, QUINTILES is preselecting investigation sites of the Bordeaux region as a priority for the performance of clinical trials, thus recognizing their potential, the quality of their structures, their good clinical practices, their investigation capabilities reinforced by ACCELENCE as required and the reputation of their investigating physicians, key opinion leaders in numerous therapeutic areas such as  cardiology, neurology, oncology, pediatrics or metabolic syndromes.

A number of these key opinion leaders were present to share with the industrial community the progress of their work on cutting-edge themes such as new therapeutic approaches in electrical malfunctions, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney or breast cancer and interventional radiology, thus giving rise to collaborative projects with the industry sponsors and participating in the definition of ACCELENCE’s strategy for development.

For addition information (presentation of the SIC interventions and videos): contact@accelence.org or www.accelence.org