Accelerate Events, Inc. is the region’s leading full-service provider of promotional consulting, planning, and deployment. We offer experiential solutions that free our clients of their responsibilities to connect with their target demographics. Our firm’s talented team of branding specialists develops and executes campaigns that are based on comprehensive market research and unique means of communication, which are significantly more effective than indirect options like radio and print ads. By applying our knowledge, talent, and experience to all our outreach efforts, we help a diverse group of businesses meet their marketing goals while their resources are devoted to their core products and services.

Our clients’ goals for growth are always our main concern during our planning process. Our experts work closely with those we serve to understand their long-term goals as well as their more immediate objectives, and also conduct thorough research and analysis to ensure these expectations will be met.  We require only a few weeks to institute experiential strategies that quickly and efficiently reach target audiences. This guarantees that our clients consistently enjoy impressive profitability.