“We help people look better, feel better, and move better through individualized, world-class training systems.”

This statement defines what Accelerate is all about.

Everyone boasts about how they can make you look and feel better. Some claim to do it with little effort and zero dieting. Others brag about their grueling workouts that are sure to blow the shoes right off your feet. However, everyone seems to make the same claim of making you look and feel better.
This is where the WORLD-CLASS individualized training comes into play. Jared Woolever, owner and director of performance, also spends his time educating trainers nationwide. Woolever is the co-founder of Smart Group Training, an educational business designed to improve the standard and quality of training within group environments. Smart Group Training is now being used in 750+ gyms worldwide, and Accelerate is proud to be one of the two gyms that helped create the systems influencing the way training is being done across the world.