Access Fixtures offers sports and commercial lighting for less. It offers fixtures with LED, fluorescent, PSMH, HPS, and other technologies. Products include bollard lights, wall packs, indoor and outdoor basketball and tennis courts, full sport court lighting packages with poles and mounting hardware, high bays, low bays, area and flood lights, and specialty solutions such as turtle and wildlife friendly lighting and UV-blocking fixtures. A team of in-house lighting specialists will work with you to meet the specifications and goals of your project. Need to limit light trespass, hit a specific footcandle level, or meet any other tight specification? Access fixtures can run photometric designs for any layout so you know exactly what light the solution will provide.

Whether replacing outdated fixtures or doing a new installation, Access Fixtures will make sure you leave with the right product at the right price. For more information, visit Access Fixtures at Accessfixtures.com or call 800-468-9925.