Established to promote accessibility at large temporary events, Accessible Festivals is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization launched by the only disabled legal professional in the industry. We are pioneering the development and implementation of new technologies to improve the festival experience for patrons and lower the costs for promoters. Founded by Austin Whitney, who was paralyzed from the waist down in 2007 who had been working in ADA compliance departments at dozens of the nation's largest festivals over the last five years. We implement these solutions to make festivals more accessible to patrons with disabilities. We believe that ADA-compliance departments run most effectively for both promoters and patrons when human interaction is the core philosophy of the department. We love the patrons we get to serve and believe that building plans with the goal of getting the opportunity to make these bonds is the best way to make a festival an unforgettable experience for a patron. Thus rather than just legal analysis we have found that integrity, honesty, and the ability to relate to one’s patrons is the best way to avoid lawsuits. Whether you have an ADA compliance plan already or need one drawn from the ground up, we can improve your event with our services. Contact us today!