Accessories of the World carries a wide variety of Peruvian, African, Egyptian, and Glass Jewelry, Clothing & Gifts.  The number of Cultures and Countries grows regularly to display the wonderful crafting of so many places around the world.

Countries all over the world are creating beautiful, useful and unique items and we've gathered an array of them here for your shopping and gift giving pleasure. You won't find these items in your typical jewelry stores. Check out all the great Jewelry and Gift items and see how many awesome crafters make up the world as we know it! Choose from items uniquely crafted in or for places like Lima Peru, South America; Nigeria & Egypt, Africa; India; America, which also includes the Native American culture; and many more as we continue to add more areas of the world regularly.

You'll love the elegance of the Peruvian Jewelry designs, and the beautiful elegance of the African Jewelry sets, exquisitely crafted Glass Jewelry pendants & earrings, as well as some wonderful African Beauty & Bath supplies to help you relax after a hard days work. Bathe in your favorite exquisite perfumes when you pour them into our miniature collection of Egyptian Perfume Bottles, so very cute yet so exquisitely designed that you want to collect them all!

Our prices are great, selection is great, and our products are unique and stylish.  
Come see what sets us apart from the typical humdrum of mall shopping.

Jo Ann Rice
Accessories of the World
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