AccoLend is a private lender based in Teaneck, Bergen County, New Jersey. We provide hard money loans and all our underwriting is done centrally in our Teaneck headquarters.

The Garden State offers unique opportunities for Fix and Flip investors. It has one of the largest inventories of foreclosed home in US and provides a steady source of investments for active entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, New Jersey is notorious for the borrower and tenant-friendly legal system and it takes time, patience and expertise to navigate this complicated legal environment.

We have been investing and lending in NJ for quite a while now and have acquired much valuable first-hand experience in many counties, including Bergen, Essex and Union. Our knowledge and expertise are available to our hard money borrower clients and we are happy to share what we learned of the real estate investment market.

Our ability to speedily process hard money loans in NJ is unique. We have an incredible infrastructure to process loans in 5-7 days in most (although not all) counties. We have done business with many appraisers and are in position to ask for expedited turn-around times for 1-4 family houses (commercial appraisals are a bit more complex).

We have been asked if we can offer hard money loans without appraisal in NJ. We realized that most investors ask this question not because they want to save money - but usually because they have limited time to close their Fix and Flip deals. Giving our infrastructure, we have been able to save many Real Estate investments and to close hard money loans in a short timeframe.

In New Jersey we offer Fix and Flip loans, Ground-Up construction loans, Multifamily Financing, Joint Ventures and long-term rental loans. Generally, our bridge loans are twelve months long with minimum term of 6 months. Most importantly, we are the only hard money lender offering hard money loans without charging any points. Our Lending is based on actual cost as opposed to After Repaired value.

Loan to value for Fix and Flip loans is between 75%-85% of purchase price and rehab cost. Loan to value for Ground up construction is up to 75% of Hard Costs. Our terms are flexible and we do not typically charge for short term extensions. Call us today at 201-643-6650 or visit www.accolend.com.