ACD Learning Solutions will help you help your employees. We are a small group of learning professionals that works with you and your employees to assure that you will achieve your business goals for this year and beyond.

Most likely, you currently have a business plan for your company, but do your employees know what they need to do to achieve the business goals? Based upon the results of our learning needs assesment with your employees, we will, in conjunction with your learning team, develop a strategic learning plan.

Our experts will work with you to evaluate your needs for:
    Leadership skills training
    Instructional design services
    Classroom/online content development/deployment
    Performer Support System development/deployment
    Webinar development/deployment
    LMS evaluation/deployment

Always keep in mind that "Employee development shortens time to achievement of business goals."

ACD Learning Solutions can develop and deliver training content to your local or geographically dispersed teams wherever they happen to reside.