Parkland, FL - aclickaway Business Solutions (ABS) President and CEO, Dusty Lashbrook, is pleased to announce that ABS has completed an upgrade to the Corporate web site:  www.aclickaway.com --  which includes the following revisions to the pricing of its software applications:

Reduction in the licensing fees for the eOS software application

Reduction in the monthly licensing fee for the eOS CRM application and elimination of the upfront implementation fee

Revisions to the pricing for the Virtual Document Management System to offer it as an enterprise solution with unlimited users for the low cost of $499 per month

“We have improved our ability to deliver and support our applications and are now able to pass these efficiencies along to our licensees. We remain committed to providing a combination of pricing and features that allow us to offer clients a compelling value proposition when comparing our offerings to the competition” explains CEO, Dusty Lashbrook.

Call 1.888.849.9974 or e-mail your inquiries to:  sales@aclickaway.com to discuss our software options and how you can put them to work to benefit your organization.
w you can put them to work to benefit your organization.