Acossi jeans would like to welcome everyone to see the new look website and products that is now offered online. They are now offering all style of handbags for women and men that are fashionable. They will soon have their brand clothing available on the site for next 2nd season. 

The founder Natacha Lacosse will continue to improve the experiences online to make it a smooth for everyone. However, most important concern has been the development of the company's structures integrating design, quality and marketing of how Acossi jeans will present its product to the public. 

The company will keep it's main products such as quality of denim jeans made in Italy and high-end street clothing for women and men and present it for 2012. As for now you will find accessories on the site and also offering discount code MFALL10OFF to get a 10% off on everything for the welcoming of the new look website. http://www.acossijeans.com