A Podcast about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Every Monday Wade, James, and Hugh tackle another episode of this 90s precursor to tv's current golden age.
Each show ranges from 40 minutes to an hour.  After a brief synopsis the hosts delve into the scenes, themes and characters of each episode with jokes and behind the scenes trivia about the production.
Episodes are explored within the context of the entire DS9 series arc, 90’s tv, Star Trek, and also where the show stands in comparison to the television of today.  Each podcast ends with the question “what would you fix about this episode” where the hosts can imagine how to repair egregious “bad 90s scifi” problems or address any minor quibbles they might have.

Wade Bowen is a comedian and improviser in Brooklyn, New York. He can be seen every third Saturday in No Feelings Presents at QED in Astoria, Queens.
James Nolen is a writer and stay-at-home father. He lives in St Louis, Missouri with his wife and two children.
Hugh Crawford draws the weekly comic strip Crimes Against Hugh's Manatees.  He lives in Joplin, MO with his wife and their three children.

The Rules of Acquisition can be found on itunes, soundcloud, stitcher, and most of those other podcast aggregators.

Wade Bowen
The Rules of Acquisition Podcast