Our Mission

Our mission is to offer unconditional love, dignity, and FAMILY to children orphaned in South Africa.

The Vision

At Acres of Love, we seek to solve the complex problems experienced by infants and children without families. The value of treating each child as we would our own is at the core of our work. Forever Family Homes offer children, who were orphaned, families in individual homes, run by loving and committed full-time house parents and staff.  Our work has resulted in the rescue of over 500 children who either reside in Acres of Love Forever Family Homes, have been adopted into legal and permanent families, or reunified with family. The word “orphan” no longer applies, because our children now belong in a long-term, stable, de facto family. While past experiences, trauma, neglect, and abuse will be a part of their story forever, their pasts do not define or limit who they can become. Our desire is to empower them to experience hope and a bright future.

Our Values

We believe that every child deserves a family.

We believe that infants and children who have been infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS deserve the best possible care, love, and nurturing.

We believe in community-based care and govern ourselves by the highest ethical standards.

We believe in enlightened leadership and striving for excellence in all we do.

We believe in organizational planning, performance monitoring and reporting, and effective stewardship of resources.

We believe in raising community awareness to create greater tolerance, acceptance, support, and inclusion of the children and families we serve.

We believe in reflecting and representing the interests of the children and families we serve.