----Welcome to the Digital Era!

Optical discs are affordable, compact and durable, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, gave the world an unparalleled solution for the storage and distribution of music, video and data. The non-rewritable nature of optical discs also plays an important role in archiving. Data stored on optical discs are long-lasting, which allows it to be re-played in the exact form as it was recorded decades ago.

Now with Blu-ray technology, a disc can even store information up to 50GB or more. The invention of optical discs is undeniably one of the most incredible and powerful media following the invention of paper.

----Innovative and Affordable Disc Loading Solutions

Acronova Technology Inc. vows to provide innovative and affordable solutions since 2002. We offer automated equipments which fulfill disc related applications such as duplication, ripping, archiving and back up. Our products include Blu-ray / CD / DVD duplicators and publishers with LightScirbe and inkjet printers.

---We Listen To Our Customers.

Your particular needs will be carefully attended to by our personal customer representatives, and your comments are highly valued here at Acronova. We understand that the world and technology are rapidly changing and the need for quality optical disc replication solutions is constantly becoming more urgent and crucial.

If you are a customer looking for the best duplication solution, please contact us, we will be glad to help.

----Third Party VAR And OEMs Are Welcome!

Acronova Technology welcomes all interested VAR and OEM to work with us in providing integrated solutions to enrich the digital information world on a global scale. Acronova provides automatic mechanism and module for disc duplication, back-up, printing, and management system ready to be integrated into your system. For your innovative solution tomorrow, contact us now!