With growth comes the need for expansion and what can be a better way to start the year than opening up another office? Acropolis’s new office is over 4500 Square Yards. Right from the reception area to work stations, cabins to conference halls, every place within the office is reflecting and bragging about the innovation, creativity and positive energy that is being stimulated by its wonderful ambiance.

New computers, chandeliers, carpets and electronic appliances are few things to name that have been installed within the office to meet up the international standards. Separate lockers are provided to all the associates and employees. The walls are beautifully painted with bright colors and wall paintings. The lightning is done aesthetically within the office and throughout the corridors. The office looks bright and lively-yet-professional at all the times. Acropolis along with new infrastructure is also providing pantry facility, coffee machine and many other infra-related perks to its employees. While maintaining the appropriate professional ethics, they made sure that their office is grabbing attention of all the eyeballs.

Acropolis mainly focuses on software research and development. As local and international companies seek Acropolis’s services, they thought that this is a great opportunity to expand their business as they are prospering day by day. Due to the development of Internet of Thins (IoT), gadget apps, mobile apps and enterprise software, this expansion will help them to meet the demand that is arising from the software industry.

With this new office included in its fleet, Acropolis is giving more job opportunities to experienced candidates for the posts of Business Development Consultant, Graphic Designing and UI Development Consultant, Software Development   Consultant, Social Media Consultant, Human Resource Consultant, Independent Associates and many more. It is also offering break to fresher’s as Interns where they will be getting the opportunity to work independently under the surveillance of their seniors. All the major departments have been established within this new office including Human Resource, Business Development/Corporate Communications, Graphic Designing, etc. Apart from all the departments, Acropolis has also established a new Offshore Development Center within the new office to cater the IT needs of clients and companies from across the world. In near future the Company has lot other plans to expand further.