Assured Computing Technologies, Inc. is a full service Point of Sale Solution Provider. Since 1996 we have been helping customers across the country. We have over 100 years of combined hardware, software, network and security experience in the retail, hospitality, grocery and general business environments. We have walked in your shoes as Retail and Hospitality Managers. We know your business. We currently have over 2000 business customers nationwide.  What this means for you:

We provide a complete quote for Front End sales, Back Office Management, Network cabling and set-up, Installation, Hardware/Software integration, Video Surveillance, Digital Signage, Data Back-Up and Security Protection and other project specific requirements as needed.
All service contracts and upgrades are handled directly through us or through us to the original manufacturer of the software or hardware. Fewer phone calls for you, better service from us.
For customers in our local service markets, we complete all on-site installation and set-up directly from our offices. Customers outside of our immediate locations, receive the same service and installation from one of our National Partners. We assume all support issues.
We are your SINGLE contact source for all Hardware and Software warranty issues. No need to remember 10 different phone numbers.

Why choose Assured Computing Technologies, Inc. ?
   We have been in business since 1996 helping over thousands of business customers make the most of their technology dollars.

·        We have vertical expertise in both Retail and Hospitality Solutions, understanding your needs and most importantly having walked in your shoes as Store and Restaurant Owners and Managers.

·        We believe that the best customers are informed customers and take the time to give you the information you require to make the best decision for your business.  We will not sell you a product just to sell the product.

·        We represent the leaders in the industry, software and hardware manufacturers with a proven track record of success

·        We have assembled a list of dedicated partners who share the same vision that we have for excellence.

·        Support is available most times with a simple phone call and direct access into your system anywhere in the world from our office locations.

·        Our All-in-One Computer and Component hardware systems carry a full 3 year warranty.

·        Final Reason: We offer the best value and performance in Complete Solutions for Hospitality and Retail Professionals who demand more.