Welcome To Your Next Adventure

actionculture.co.uk, a new booking website focused exclusively on adventure travel, aims to change the way we use our holidays.

The company, founded by ex bungy Jump Master Glenn Murray-Prior believes that we shouldn’t think of holidays as a ‘break’ but as an opportunity for adventure. “I’ve helped thousands of people overcome their fears and throw themselves off perfectly good bridges with nothing but a bungy cord attached to their feet. The results were always the same, a massive boost to their self esteem and an enhanced sense of being truly alive. Now I want to take it a natural step further and inspire people with the greatest adventure holiday opportunities.”

ACTION CULTURE offers hand selected active holidays, adventures, courses and expeditions to destinations around the world. Glenn explained it like this, “Not so long ago many activities were considered extreme and you had to seek-out others with experience to get a chance to try them. Package Tours were; hotel pools, buffets and following a guide through crowded tourist areas. That’s definitely changed and it’s great to see professional operators offering so many amazing adventure experiences in the most beautiful places on earth, in a responsible and sustainable way. In my opinion adventure has come of age and is now accessible to all, which is the inspiration for ACTION CULTURE as a place to bring these opportunities together and allow people to find inspiration in adventure and personal experience.”

“In today’s connected world distance means less, travel alone isn’t enough to really get away, but when you gear-up and start ice climbing for the first time or shout ‘Mush!’ to your dog sled huskies, then you’re on an adventure. And that, you won’t forget.”