ActionSportGames® has a long and proud history in the Airsoft and Airgun industry. Founded by Johnny Pedersen and Henrik Grobelnik in 1992, the business partners got their start by importing gas-powered Airsoft products to Denmark. The company at the time, Pedersen & Grobelnik A/S, was instrumental in the rapid growth of Airsoft in Denmark by offering a large variety of high-quality Airsoft products to the Airsoft players. Following their success in Denmark, Mr. Pedersen and Mr. Grobelnik expanded their enterprise to the rest of Scandinavia and northern Europe. In 2003, Pedersen & Grobelnik A/S merged with another titan of European Airsoft and Airguns, Vestergaard Aps, to form ActionSportGames A/S.

In 2012, ActionSportGames® established its United States operations in Moorpark, California. By setting up a U.S.A. office in one of the largest Airsoft and Airgun markets in the world, ActionSportGames® is now able to provide direct service and localized products for American Airsoft and Airgun owners.
Today, ActionSportGames® is a worldwide leader in the business of replica firearms and accessories manufacturing, with offices in Denmark, France, Sweden, Asia, and the United States. ActionSportGames® specializes in 1:1 scale replica Airsoft guns and Airguns, as well as accessories and consumables. The product line consists mainly of exclusive licensed replicas from real firearms manufacturers.

The release of the Airsoft CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 in 2014 marked a new milestone in ActionSportGames® history; for the first time, a product was developed and manufactured completely in-house at company facilities in Denmark. Look for ActionSportGames® to continue the momentum of a successful and groundbreaking 2014 into the new year 2015 with a new lineup of Airsoft and Airgun products.