With Action Target as your partner, you get the size and experience of a company trusted to build some of the largest and most sophisticated shooting range facilities in the world. As the nation’s largest manufacturer of shooting range equipment, our size gives us access to resources, purchasing power, and manufacturing technologies nobody else can even approach. The benefits to you include remarkably innovative target systems and training tools, unbeatable customer support, and clearly superior products at competitive prices.

Action Target leads the way with breakthroughs in every product category. Explore our full line of products specially developed for law enforcement professionals, military leaders and war fighters, sport shooting enthusiasts and commercial range operators, and architects and planners. You’ll find innovation built in to everything we do. Products including-indoor/outdoor range equipment,  field range equipment, bullet traps, scoring and control systems, target systems, portable target systems, and supplies and accessories.  

Because of our proven experience and capacity, we are chosen time and time again to design, manufacture, and install the largest and most sophisticated shooting range projects in the world, including various Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, the FBI Academy, and the Los Angeles Police Department Training Center. On the other hand, you still benefit from the same unsurpassed quality and attention to detail if all you need is a few steel targets and a 10-lane tandem turning range. No job is too big. No job is too small.