The objectives of L'Eau Theque Productions and Act!vated Story Theatre are

to provide audiences of all ages with theatrical entertainment that educates and encourages independent thought

to preserve the folklore and literature of many cultures and historical eras, and to demonstrate that folklore is a living, evolving entity

to provide children an opportunity to express themselves through writing and theatrical performance

to help educators learn productive ways to foster creativity and self-esteem among students

to stress the common heritage of diverse cultures, including ethnic minorities and the Deaf/Hard of Hearing


In the past, L'Eau Theque Productions has produced several nationally touring productions for children and their families including a production of "A Christmas Carol" which toured to main stage performance halls and featured a cast of seven professional actors. We also have mounted shows for adult audiences. As the name L'Eau Theque (low tech) implies, the philosophy is to keep technical requirements simple. We use common household objects in unusual, imaginative ways. The goal is to inspire and encourage audiences to read, and explore the performing arts.