Activatize Activities Network, LLC ,launched its first beta version of the new activity-based social media concept, www.activatize.com, in the state of Utah, allowing members of the state to interact, meet and explore life activities with other members

“As the pioneer company in the concept of activity-based social media, we would like to offer
diverse groups the opportunity to interact with other members of their community on a free and quick way based on a common interest,” said Eliecer Andres Trillos, Co-founder, Activatize Activities Network, LLC. “We chose Utah as our start point because of the diversity of interests in social and sports activities practiced by the different age groups who form part of the state. This first beta version gives Utahans the chance to meet other people based on three categories: sports, outdoors and social activities.”

The new activity-based concept “Activatize” plans to expand to other cities nationwide in the
following months, but most importantly, extend the number of activities that people can connect without consideration of their chosen lifestyle.

“Activatize counts with the acceptance of students from Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University and the University of Utah,” said Daniel Niquet, Co-founder, Activatize Activities Network, LLC. “Not only college students are enjoying the benefits of Activatize, but people from different age groups and races. Our main goal is to provide diverse communities with a new concept that can break the barriers of traditional social media sites and go beyond the limits of your friends schedule.”
Activatize vision is to facilitate an active lifestyle by transforming users online social life into a real social life and by giving them more opportunities to do what they love.

Activatize was created and designed by entrepreneurs from Colombia, Brasil, Mexico and the US to satisfy the taste and needs of diverse types of users.

Start exploring life at: www.activatize.com