Activ Doctors Online (ADO) empowers a healthier World. We are your ally in personal healthcare, providing the tools that give individuals and families more control saving money, time and even lives. ADO continuously challenges the status quo of traditional healthcare by creating user-friendly, intelligently designed healthcare solutions. We empower over 130,000 members worldwide to live healthier lives by taking control of their Personal Health Records and by providing them access to the world's top specialists for second medical opinions in as fast as 48 hours.

Our Personal Health Record (PHR) and suite of healthcare solutions helps people and organizations reduce their healthcare costs while better managing their healthcare. Be well prepared for travel, unforeseen medical situations and emergencies.

While our technology is very advanced, it is simple to use. The intuitive portal makes it easy, while the robust technology works behind the scenes. ADO uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security protocols that have military level security. Our solutions are HIPAA-compliant and interoperable with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that health providers are required to implement by 2014.

We partner with organizations and institutions that want to offer a progressive wellness benefit to their employees or members. ADO members are individuals who control their own healthcare information.

Taking Personal Health Records to New Heights

Seven attributes of an ideal PHR:

1.  Individual control - each person controls his or her PHR
2.  The information represents ones entire lifetime
3.  Information is from all of the individuals healthcare providers
4.  The record is 100% accessible 24/7
5.  Data is private and secure
6.  Transparency - individuals know who entered data, where it was transferred from and who has viewed it
7.  Interoperable - the PHR permits easy exchange of information across healthcare system

Among many benefits of our PHR are:

-  Create more informed healthcare consumers.
-  Prevent unnecessary tests or procedures.
-  Decrease healthcare costs.
-  Reduce medical errors.
-  Refute medical errors in cases where you've been denied life insurance or medical insurance.
-  Save time, money and even lives.

Second Medical Opinions from WORLD CLASS PHYSCIAN
Activ Doctors Online Second Medical Opinion (SMO) service gives anyone, anywhere, access to world-class medical experts for a medical case review, consultation and opinion in an easy-to-understand written report, in as quickly as 48 hours. Opinions are objective, based on evidence of medicine in consultation with our U.S. and State Medical Director, and unbiased physicians have no vested interest in the outcome.

Activ Doctors Online SMO is for anyone seeking a second opinion and information for complex conditions, serious or chronic disease or any challenging diagnosis.
Who are our medical experts?

Our global network of the top national and international physicians and specialists is more than 1,500 and growing. These experts are currently practicing medicine and must pass a thorough credentialing process that includes:

-  We take a careful and selective approach to choosing world-class physicians for our staff.

Why SMO from Activ Doctors Online?

We believe that people should be in control of their own healthcare; that access and information should be available when needed rather than fitting into someone elses schedule. Activ Doctors Online empowers members with:

-  Affordable access to a growing network of 1,500+ specialists.
-  More than 50 medical specialties represented.
-  Specialists familiar with your entire medical history via Personal Health Record (PHR).
-  Unbiased opinions within 48 hours.
-  No referrals or travel expenses required.
-  Written, easy-to-understand medical report.
-  Consultation with U.S. and State Medical Director and access to our team whenever you need them.