We deliver top level listings on the search engines' results pages (full money back guarantee) by our FindMe™ Search Engine Optimization program. We maximize the return on investment of pay per click programs on the search engines, email programs and behavioral targeting solutions. In addition, we architect, design, construct, re-construct and maintain your online exposure. We know how to market your business online.

Creating visibility on the search engines and high quality consumer online experience for your business is critical and we can handle the entire process. Often times a quick, search engine friendly facelift to your website, minor architectural changes and a robust search engine optimization program is all your business needs to leapfrog its competitors.

ActiveMedia's mission is to make your web business a success by connecting your site to your target market and converting your prospects to loyal online customers.

ActiveMedia offers mobile phone marketing services for customers interested in reach their customers while they are using their cell phone. This means that the more than 405 Million estimated worldwide mobile Internet users can see contextual ads as they search on their cell phone.