Formed by a team of certified translators who have worked on a diverse range of projects, we provide translation and interpretation with clarity and accuracy. Furthermore, we put human emotions in the exact same way that our customers put into their documents, brochures, presentations and speeches. We translate with a joyous tone of voice when there is a happy story. We translate with great passion and ambition when the client’s marketing brochures or campaigns are aiming at 100% growth in the Chinese market. “Our copy writer is only as good as your translators and our speakers are only as good as your interpreters”, one customer once spoke of the importance of delivering high-quality and accurate translation.
Our clientele include the following prominent figures, institutions, companies and organizations:

• Mrs. Doris LEUHARD, President of Switzerland
• Fredrik Reinfeldt, EU Rotating Presidency, Sweden's Prime Minister
• John Prescott, Former British Vice Prime Minister
• Kiyo Akasaka, Under-Secretary-General of United Nations
• Brendan O’Connor, Australian Minister of Home Affairs and Justice
• Ms. Lara Giddings, Premier of Tasmania, Australia
• Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, USA
• Ms. Lisa Scaffidi, Lord Mayor of Perth, Australia

• Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry
• James Mirrlees, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences
• Bertrand Piccard, explorer, psychiatrist and visionary, the first to complete
a non-stop balloon flight around the globe
• Long Yongtu, Secretary General of Bo’ao Forum

• Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric
• Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of Legend Holdings Ltd. (Lenovo)
• Jack Ma, President and CEO of ALIBABA Group
• Zhang Weiying, Top Chinese Economist

• WHO, UNDP, UNESCO, UNAIDS, UNWTO, ILO Under United Nations

• French Pavilion, Swiss Pavilion, Swedish Pavilion, Belgian-EU Pavilion, etc.
in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo;
• Mbassy of the United States, French Consulate General, Swiss Consulate
General, Australian Consulate General

• Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & Company, New York Life, IBM, BBC, Microsoft, Siemens, GE, CISCO, Nokia, Alcatel Lucent, Ford, Unilever, BASF, Pfizer, GSK, Ely Lily, Roche, Alibaba Group, Jonson & Johnson, Pfizer, UBS, CLSA, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Ajinomoto, Whirlpool, Jabil, Haier, Huawei, ZTE, PetroChina etc.