Hi my name is Adam Strong and i'm a personal trainer, elite athlete, corporate transformation coach and author. Me and my company Xclusive Corporate Fitness specialise in working with executives and companies to achieve peak performance in the corporate world. I have designed a 12-step methodology that uses techniques in sports performance, bio-mechanics and nutrition. This methodology is designed to bring a winning formula and success to your working career and develop a healthy lifestyle that works for you.
I have a degree in Exercise Science and Health Management with over 10 years of industry experience. I’m also an elite athlete in distance running and have trained with the likes of Mo Farah. I’m also an author of my new book ‘Move it or Lose it' being launched in January 2014.

In the corporate world, executives have to contend with tight deadlines, high-pressured work environments and heavy workloads. This is a big problem for my clients as their challenges are lack of time, motivation and leading an unhealthy lifestyle that affects their physical and mental well-being.

Executives have to be at the top of their game and in order to do this they must be forward thinking, energetic, motivated and inspirational leaders.
I typically work with individuals such as CEO’s, executives, directors and business owners. I have designed a 12-step methodology that uses cutting edge and innovative methods to fit around your lifestyle over 12 weeks.

I have a highly successful and innovative approach designed to proactively maximize creativity and leadership by transforming both your physical appearance and mindset in the business world.

I’ve designed fitness training strategies that are specifically designed to maximize calorie burn in as little time as possible, turning your body into a natural fat burning machine. As well as Psychological benefits through improved sleep patterns, concentration levels and motivation.  I also offer a variety of personalised nutritional programmes that are designed to re-energise, re-vitalize and re-ignite your metabolism through detoxification and energetic foods.

I’m currently working with clients on a one to one basis but over the next 3-6 months I would like to work with organisations to transform teams.

I’m known for achieving peak performance and professional excellence leaving business leaders re-energised and successful.