If you want to engage your audience on mobile, you need to try harder than static images. But most solutions - like HTML5 or other rich media platforms are complex.

These ads can take days or even weeks to produce and, as a result are expensive. And what's more, they're frequently large files, containing many different types of assets that need to be downloaded and then rendered in a very short time.

Time that, in reality that you - as a mobile advertiser - don't have. Before long your audience has scrolled past, on to the next thing. In the meantime, you've probably been charged for the impression of the partially loaded ad.

This is where Adcanvas steps in.

Not only are Adcanvas ads on average 40X LIGHTER than HTML5 ads, but they're also up to 33X MORE ENGAGING than static ads thanks to their unique ability to harness the power of modern mobile devices.

Adcanvas ads can use gyro-based interactions to create a panorama effects, among others. They can be touch based - using swipe and flip gestures to interact with the ad. Plus they offer a range of CTA types - tap-to-call, coupons and more.

And what's more, these ads can be MADE IN MINUTES, using the effortlessly simple Adcanvas self-service platform. Of course, if you're looking to go that bit further, Adcanvas offers bespoke ad creation and managed account services.

Adcanvas' engaging mobile rich media ads have been used by many global brands, including Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Nike, Adidas, Tiffany & Co and many more.