Aanicca Ventures Inc. is a digital advertising agency operating under the following three business models: AdCommunal- helps brands acquire new users on a Cost per Acquisition basis (CPA/CPI). The company offers a no risk, pay-per-lead policy for advertisers and publishers, advanced tracking and reporting software, a user-friendly interface and free tools to help publishers maximize their revenue.
AdsFluence- helps brands leverage the popularity of Instagram celebrities to gain attention and users to their brand.  Not only can AdsFluence be used for gaining visibility, but it can also be used as a great source for new content and creative development.  
AdsDonate- helps app developers and web properties generate revenue from their traffic by helping monetize their traffic through ads.  A portion of the revenue generated from the ads is donated to worthy causes.

Aanicca Ventures Inc. hosts one of the most progressive digital advertising programs in the industry, providing some very innovative tools and options to allow the greatest return on investment for advertisers and highest payout for publishers.  

Aanicca Ventures Inc. Director, Neil Raj, is available for interviews on a range of topics related to online advertising, including what to consider before launching an online ad campaign how to maximize your online advertising investment, pitfalls to avoid, and tips for choosing the best agency and network for your ad campaign. For more information, see http://www.aanicca.com or http://www.adsfluence.com and to schedule interviews please contact Neil Raj at 647 785 6919 Email: neil@aanicca.com