What makes AddieUP so innovative?
AddieUP was formulated to be the most effective focus, attention, energy, concentration, and cognitive enhancement product in the market. We worked with several manufacturers, Doctors, and supplement experts to make AddieUP safe, potent, and effective, using only the finest ingredients. No expense was spared in exhaustively formulating the proper combination of of memory enhancing Nootropics andnatural based stimulants. AddieUP's formula has carefully chosen, natural based stimulants which are found in herbs,berries, and chocolate. We added Ginko Biloba, Choline and Huperzine A (classified as Nootropics) which are carefully measured and combined to form a Nootropic combination designed to maximize memory and cognitive function.
There have been many fly by night imitators which have tried to duplicate our successful formula. These knock offs either have poorly chosen ingredients that will not give any effect or will be a quick blast of caffeine followed by a crash that can be experienced with energy shots and sugary energy drinks. B vitamins and cheap caffeine are cheap and easy but in our opinion do nothing for the brain. The dangers and side effects of prescription medications are well known by now, and with our changing health climate, more consumers who need focus and attention support wanted an alternative that WORKED for them. Beware of competitors who use cheap B Vitamins and caffeine and try to market their products with fake testimonials and sales gimmicks. Do your homework, we are well known as having the highest quality formula on the market today. Our customers have given AddieUP high praise in online communities and blogs all over the world for one reason-AddieUP WORKS!